AFTER HOURS - Shooting with a Speedlight

Photography - Jai Mayhew
Wardrobe Stylist - Edith Henry
Makeup - Kelsey James
Hair - Jorge Buccio
Model - Sabrina @ The Campbell Agency

What was supposed to be a romantic, by-the-water shoot turned into a mini Guess campaign when a torrential downpour covered Texas and refused to leave. As we were traveling and I had planned to use natural light, the only lighting modifiers I had with me were a speed light and 2 reflectors (fortunately we were granted access a  country club which gave us both shelter and some cool corners to shoot in). 

 I used the Speedlight (bounced primarily off the ceiling) and a slow shutter speed to capture the motion blur, then enhanced the different light temperatures (cool from the strobe and warm from the ambient light) in post. I also had adjusted my camera's white light balance to create a bluer tone in-camera. The mix of reds and blues created the mood and Sabrina's edgy posing made it a sexy, candid set.